Coworking Week Eight

HQ Greensboro
  • Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared working environment.
  • Unlike in a typical office environment, those co-working are usually not employed by the same organization.
  • Although those who co-work sometimes are in different professions, they often share a common set of values
  • “Co-working” first coined in 2006
  • Started in Silicon Valley with start-up companies to get their feet off the ground until they can afford a permanent space.
  • Follows trend of flexible work schedules.
  • “Hot Desk” – employees using the same desk at different times of day – not a personal desk.
  • Pop-up Approach – makes use of spaces empty during the day and turn them into co-working offices
  • More than 1 million people will work in co-working spaces in the US in 2017
  • 3.8 million people will work in co-working spaces in worldwide in 2017
  • proportion of US co-working members rising from 23%-37% (2016)
  • 27% of co-workers are in IT
  • Will comprise 2% of the office market in US by 2020
  • Compounded annual growth rate of 23.8%
  • The number of global co-working spaces will grow from a bit over 11,000 this year to just over 26,000 in 2020
Who is it for?
  • Young creatives/Millenials
  • Work-at-home professionals, Independent Contractors, or people who travel frequently
  • Helpful for freelancers and entrepreneurs struggling to find a good work space within their budget.
Benefits of Co-working
  • Independent contractors working together in a shared environment are able to pool resources
  • Bigger corporations cut overhead by having workers
  • Cuts commuting times
  • Suburban co-working has become more popular
  • Increased interdisciplinary sharing
  • Helps stop silo mentality in workplace
  • Interaction across disciplines
Examples of Co-working Environments

Oakland Impact Hub
Listed as #1 co-working space in US

  • Individual plans

$30/month – discounted events – workshops – meeting rooms
$50/month – 10 hours of co-working – 8am-6pm – discounted printing & tea & coffee
$415/month – unlimited hours of co-working – 24 hour access

  • Organizational plans

$300/month – 20 drop-in days – 9am-6pm

WeWork – Stonewall Station – Charlotte, NC

Trends + Design Considerations
  • Flexible spaces
    • Private Offices
    • Conference Rooms
    • Open Meeting Areas
    • Nap Rooms
    • Break Rooms
    • Game Rooms
  • Flexible building components – some tenants will need more or less space at different times
    • Retractable walls
    • Stack-able chairs
    • Tables on wheels
    • Frequent electrical outlets
    • Adjustable lighting
  • Make work more fun
    • Bars
    • Cafes
    • Event spaces – live music
Top 5 Co-Working Spaces – International
Workplace One – Toronto
Punspace – Thailand
Betahaus – Barcelona
We Work – Manhattan, NY



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